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The Aerostructures team is responsible for the design, manufacture and maintenance of the Monash UAS airframes. The team utilises the latest composite technology and manufacturing techniques in order to produce aircraft that are lighter and stronger, while providing members of the team the opportunity to work with and learn about methods that are utilised more and more in the Aerospace industry.

section leads

Nickhil Pokharel

Thomas Bugno

Aircraft Design

Implementation of optimisation techniques and various aerodynamic design softwares that provide team members with the relevant skills and expertise needed to design an efficient and stable aircraft.

Computational Fluid Dynamics

Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) is a crucial step in ensuring the validity of the team’s design. CFD also provides quantitative values used to evaluate and compare design choices.

Research and Development

These projects allow team members to explore new horizons and sprout innovative solutions. These tentative designs further future aircrafts’ capabilities and enhance efficiency.


Constructing a UAV out of composite materials keeps the team consistent with Aerospace industry leaders. Carbon fibre, Fibreglass, Kevlar and composite core materials provide the necessary structure to withstand the aircrafts’ forces, while keeping the aircrafts’ weight at a minimum.

Wind Tunnel Testing

Building mounts and adapting our aircraft to fit inside a wind tunnel, which provides data that reflects the real-world flight characteristics of an aircraft.

Rapid Prototyping

An extensive range of 3D printers allows Monash UAS to rapidly create physical models of designs to test and iterate as part of the engineering process.