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The propulsion section is MUAS’ newest section and is dedicated to the testing, design and manufacture of MUAS propulsion systems. The section is focused on developing new and exciting capabilities within the team, including our own motors, controllers and propellers.


The motor sub-team is developing custom BLDC motors for our new aircraft. These motors are being developed to maximise the performance of our aircraft, and are designed to work closely with our ESC’s and propellers


ESC’s are the electrical component responsible for switching the phases on our electric motors, allowing our aircraft to adjust the motors speed. Our ESC sub-team is focused on developing our own ESC’s which can integrate closely with our motors and auxiliary systems.

Thrust Test Stand

The thrust test stand is our tool for testing all of our propulsion hardware in a safe and robust manner. This allows us to quantify the systems performance without risking one of our valuable aircraft.


The propeller team is working on developing custom propellers for our aircraft. These custom propellers allow us to fine tune the performance of our aircraft and motors.