New Flying Competition

Since mid-August 2021, Monash UAS has embarked on a mission to participate in the 2022 New Flying Competition (NFC), a scientific
model-design and flight contest that will be held in Hamburg, Germany.

The aim is to identify the most targets within the search area and complete a given distance route whilst minimising energy consumption throughout the flight.

Our main focus during 2022 is to compete in the NFC. This competition will be a significant technical challenge; we will need to fly a distance of 10km, perform a 2.5G turn, and complete a search for 5 small targets, all within 30 minutes and while consuming as little power as possible.

We have been hard at work designing our competition aircraft; the Albatross. Over the first half of 2022, we will validate and optimize our design, giving us the best chance of winning this competition and providing valuable practical experience to students in the process.