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Flight Operations

The Flight Operations section is responsible for the final construction and mission management of the Monash UAS’s aircrafts. The team is involved in integration and wiring of aerostructures and avionics components into the functional aircrafts, as well as the design of ground station equipment, procedures and piloting.

section leads

George Dimitropoulos

Jedd Briggs

Flight Operations General

Heavily involved in the construction of Monash UAS’s aircrafts, the Flight Operations team works closely with other sections to develop the physical construction, wiring and programming of the flight computers, in addition to the development of auxiliary systems such as on-board flight cameras and communication systems. Autonomous missions are written by the team and are simulated prior to flights. 

During flight tests,  the ground station team monitors all systems on the aircraft through telemetry, interpreting the information and relaying it to pilots. Afterwards, analysis of the flight logs is conducted to extract critical metrics and information in order to better guide future developments. 


The piloting team is responsible for the manual control of aircrafts and awareness of all systems on-board. Pilots are continuously communicating performance information to the development teams and are in charge of supervising all autonomous flights, always ready to take control in case of malfunction.