To showcase the capabilities of The Albatross for search and rescue purposes, Monash UAS will be completing a live, simulated search and rescue scenario in late 2023. 

The Albatross will: 

  • Take off vertically
  • Transition to conventional horizontal flight
  • Fly to a search area 
  • Initiate a search pattern
  • Locate a simulated patient using our in-house computer vision software
  • Loiter in an orbit around the patient’s GPS location whilst ground operators decide on safe package delivery location
  • Transition to VTOL
  • Approach and safely deliver life-saving supplies to the patient (lifejacket, first-aid kit, food, water etc. 
  • Transition back to conventional flight and return home.

The mission will be flown entirely autonomous – with inbuilt redundancies – all whilst maximising range and endurance and ensure the safe operation of the aircraft. 

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