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General Recruitment

Our general recruitment is open!

We are currently looking to accept students who are interested in our various sections. Fill in an application for the sections which you are interested below! Our dedicated team will be reading all of the applications before offering interviews on the 11th of March.

Being part of Monash UAS is not just about being part of an engineering team. It is about building something amazing together, producing work of the highest standards and coming up with innovative solutions to exciting novel problems with a real world impact. We aim to help our fellow members develop a wide range of skills that will allow them to excel in their professional careers after they graduate.

2024 Recruitment Timeline

Applications open Tuesday 20th Feb – Sunday 10th March

Round 1 interviews start Tuesday 12th of March – Wednesday 20th March

Offers Released Friday 22nd Of March

Not an engineering student?

No problem! We encourage and welcome applications from all Monash faculties and disciplines regardless of the degree you are studying.


The Aerostructures section is responsible for the design, manufacture and maintenance of the Monash UAS airframes.

As part of this section you will gain exposure to:

  • Aircraft design using Vehicle Sketch Pad (VSP) and other simple aerodynamic solvers
  • Mechanical design of the aircrafts components and assemblies using Computer Aided Design (CAD) 
  • Analysis using hand calculations, Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD).  
  • Manufacturing methods including composite layup techniques, 3D printing, laser cutting, and CNC foam cutting.
  • Research and development of new technologies to improve our aircraft.


The Avionics section is responsible for the design and implementation of our aircraft onboard electrical, flight control and communications systems as well as ground-based support hardware and plane propulsion. To compete in the AUVSI-SUAS competition, the avionics section is designing and manufacturing a ground based rover.

As part of this section you will gain exposure to:

  • Custom PCB design and manufacture
  • Low scale manufacturing and testing of electrical systems
  • Software design for applications such as autonomous path planning, aerial image recognition and mission management
  • Communications systems design requiring the implementation of multiple concurrent networks
  • Electrical fit out of aircraft requiring use of soldering and hand tools
  • Electrical bench testing and troubleshooting 
  • Operation and management of the ground station during flight operations 
Copy of D78-1681

Flight Operations

Flight Operations are responsible for the piloting, mission management and final construction of MUAS aircraft and related technology, acting as the bridge between design and flight testing.

We are recruiting members that have strong inter-disciplinary skills and interest in CAD, 3D printing, aircraft electronics, mission management, and general hands-on workshop skills.

Flight Operations is a very diverse section that involves a lot of exciting hands-on work and solving problems on the fly!


The Operations section is responsible for STEM outreach, sponsorship procurement and management, public relations and logistics activities of the team. 

Available roles include:

  • Marketing –  involves the management of the team’s social media platforms and website. This is done through the creation of social media content to promote team activities and accomplishments, as well as engagement with the general public.
  • Sponsorships – responsible for the maintenance of current sponsor relationships, reaching out to new sponsors and forging lasting mutually beneficial relationships with industry.
  • Outreach – involves the creation of interesting and informative STEM programs for primary and secondary students. The goal is to educate and build interest in the field of STEM, as well as increase understanding of UAVs.
  • Logistics – oversees all vital operations within the team. From the details of competitions, to the day-to-day management of team activities, Logistics is responsible for ensuring that team processes run smoothly.
  • Graphic Design – involves the designing of marketing material for the team and helping Monash UAS in maintaining the uniqueness and recognisability of its brand identity.


The Propulsion section is responsible for the design, manufacture selection and testing of the motors and speed controllers of MUAS’ aircraft.

As part of this section you will gain exposure to:


  • Electric machine and power electronic design
  • Aerodynamic analysis design and manufacture of propellers 
  • Composites manufacturing and post processing techniques  
  • Research into new motor designs and high performance materials